Saturday, May 23, 2009

Changing your job.......

can be a harrowing experience for some, although others seem to do it with ease.

BUT a career change is a much bigger decision, you don't really want to get it wrong, and you don't have time to waste.... for we all know, this aint a drill!

You really shouldn't change your job just for the sake of it, but if you feel your in the wrong job or career, then now is a very good time to consider a change.

Don't waste any more time. Get on with it.

If you need some assistance, then perhaps give us a call and maybe we can put you in the right direction.

Your Career.......

is up there in the top five or so important things in your life ....
...your partner and family
...where you live and your house
...your education, leisure
AND your career - and not necessarily in that order.

So when you email your cv to recruitment consultants, don't just send through a cv and not include covering letter or brief explanation on what your looking for!

Seriously, if you can't give some thought into what you want to do, how can you expect someone else who doesn't know you, to have the answers. AND on top of that, why would any employer want to employ someone who can't even give serious thought about what they want to do.